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Experience the village gardenHAMACHO HOTEL TOKYO
Hamacho in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, is known as a town that combines the charm of the old days (many warriors and craftsmen resided here) with modern amenities such as buildings and cutting-edge leisure spots. In February 2019, Hamacho Hotel Tokyo opened its doors in this town, rooted in culture and history. The hotel is designed by UDS Co., Ltd., as a lifestyle design hotel that embodies the keywords "home-made," "Japan," and "Modernism." The hotel fully captures the charm of Hamacho, which aims to be a village with abundant greenery, with its many green colors visible nearly anywhere the eye can see. The hospitality of Hamacho radiates through the lounge, restaurant, workshop-grade chocolate shop, that are freely open for all to use.
At the Hamacho Hotel, the rooms are a cozy space that can make you forget you are in a city. There are various types of rooms such as the SEMI-DOUBLE ROOM suitable for a workcation, the DOUBLE ROOM with its stylish and comfortable bench sofa, the open CORNER DOUBLE ROOM with a large bathroom and big windows, the TERRACE ROOM with a balcony, and the PREMIUM TERRACE ROOM with an attractive modern interior design. What is common to all rooms is the beautiful vegetation on the terrace. The presence of plants makes you forget the city and gives you a calm feeling as if you were in the forest. Even if you stay alone, Hamacho Hotel Tokyo is a great place to enjoy your stay. Sit in the big sofa by the window, drink coffee while working or relax, and spend time that fits your lifestyle, reading your favorite magazines or books in the "forest."
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    The Hamacho Hotel Tokyo guest rooms offer a cozy space that makes you feel as if you are away from the city. What all rooms have in common is the carefully selected greenery on the terrace. Just the presence of plants makes you feel as if you are in a forest.
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    This shop is operated by 'BLUE NOTE JAPAN', which offers a variety of menus for breakfast, lunch, cafe, and dinner. Enjoy a relaxing meal in a comfortable space with stylish interiors and music.
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    There is a chocolate shop called "nel craft chocolate tokyo" where you can taste original chocolate made from pure cacao beans. Rare chocolates such as Japanese sesame seeds, Japanese peppers, and plums are also offered, and at the adjoining cafe, you can taste chocolate puddings, parfaits, and ice cream.
  • The address of Hamacho Hotel Tokyo is [ 103-0007 3-20-2 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan ].
    Narita Airport - About 60-90 minutes by bus - About 80 minutes by train Haneda Airport - About 35 minutes by bus - About 40 minutes by train
    3-20-2 Nihonbashi Hamacho,Chuo-ku,103-0007 Tokyo, Japan
    +81 3-5643-1811
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      • Things to note
      • Cancellation policy
      Room rate policy

      The room rates vary depending on the seasons. Please select a date through the calendar and check the exact price.

      Room Occupancy (STD/MAX)
      Semi-double room 2/2
      Double room 2/2
      Twin room 2/2
      Corner double room 2/2
      Terrace room 2/2
      Premium terrace room 2/2
      Universal room 2/3
      Family room 2/3
      • Reservation is not confirmed real time, and we inform whether reservation is possible in less than 48 business hours.
      • If the reservation is not possible on that date, the booking may be canceled and the full amount will be refunded.
      • Breakfast is NOT included.
      • Exceeding the maximum number of occupants is prohibited.
      Criteria Service inclusions Rate
      UNIVERSAL ROOM, FAMILY ROOM only Extra Bed 3,000 JPY ~
      • No extra person rate is charged if a child is 5 yrs old or below. (Max. 1 child per bed)
      • Children 6 years old and older are considered adults.
      Cancellation policy
      5 days before check-in No charge
      4 days before check-in 50% refunded
      3 days before check-in 20% refunded
      2 days before check-in - no show non-changeable / non-refundable
      • All cancellations and refunds are based on the date of written notification to the stay.
      • It takes at least 2 business days or more for written notice.
      • If you cancel a confirmed reservation within the penalty period, you will be refunded excluding a 4% fee for tax and transaction expenses.
      • Full refund will be made if the guest provides documents that prove flight/ship cancellation due to bad weather on the check-in day.
      • Resale, hand-over, transfer, or exchange of stay vouchers is prohibited.
      Things to note
      • The service contents and information on the website may vary depending on the stay's condition.
      • About 20 local districts in Japan collect hotel accommodation tax for the purpose of promoting tourism. An accommodation tax of up to 1,000 JPY per person and night may be additionally charged upon check-in.
      • No smoking in any areas of the property. Special cleaning fee is charged in case of violation.
      • A valid government issued photo ID (passport) is required during check-in.
      • Rooms are assigned randomly. It is not possible to designate specific rooms.
      • 5 rooms above will be quoted under group rate and rate will change.
      • Compensation fee will be charged in case of loss or damage to bedding, equipment, facilities etc.
      • Commercial photography and video shooting without prior agreement are not allowed.
      • Hamacho Dining & Bar Session
        You can enjoy a familiar menu reinterpreted in a comfortable space with a luxurious interior and pleasant music. Have a pleasant time at Hama-cho's new "Street Dining" where people, music and food intersect.
        • Opening hours : 7:00 ~ 10:00 / 11:30 ~ 23:00
      • Craft Chocolate Tokyo
        At Craft Chocolate Tokyo, you can enjoy original chocolate hand-made from cacao beans.
        • Opening hours : 10:00~20:00