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A Hot Spring Resort with Four Distinct Seasons

KAI TsugaruTohoku / Aomori

KAI Tsugaru
Engage Yourself with the Culture of TsugaruHoshino Resorts KAI Tsugaru
Tsugaru, in Aomori Prefecture, is located on the west shore of the Tsugaru Peninsula, facing the East Sea. It is well-known for its chilly summers and year-round snowfall, as well as for its hot spring street, Owani Onsen. Kai Tsugaru's hot spring can treat your body and mind to a pleasant smell of apples by floating apples, a Tsugaru delicacy, in a bathtub. While drinking local wine and admiring the floating garden, you will experience a unique moment that is characteristic of Kai Tsugaru.
Kai Tsugaru, located in the dense forest, had a major renovation in 2019 and reintroduced the traditional craft "Tsugaru kogin-zashi," which has been passed down to Tsugaru from ancient times. K ogin embroidery is a technology developed with the wisdom of life because it strengthens the fabric, allowing kimonos to be worn for an extended period of time, and its warmth, allowing kimonos to resist the cold of winter. The interior of the room can be said to be surrounded by Japanese customs, as it is unified with diamond patterns used for Kogin embroidery on the walls, porch lighting, washbasins, and mattresses in the room. There are five distinct types of accommodations, including cosy rooms with ample living room space and Western-style rooms with a great ambience created by evening lighting on the ceiling.
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    A live performance of Tsugaru shamisen is held every night in the lobby. In order to bring the most unique acoustic experience to the ears of the audience, we pay meticulous attention to the "raw sound" that does not go through the microphone at Kaitsugaru.
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    Bath halls feature large windows that look out onto beautiful scenes of nature, from lush greenery in the spring and summer to the vibrant colors of fall, and the thick blankets of snow that cover the Japanese garden in the winter. Enjoy a view only available at KAI Tsugaru.
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    This is the standard kaiseki meal featured at KAI Tsugaru, with dishes inspired by Tsugaru culinary culture that contain a variety of unqiue flavors all prepared with the finest locally sourced ingredients including the famous Aomori apples. Please enjoy each exciting taste at your own pace in this multi-course meal.
  • The address of Hoshino Resorts KAI Tsugaru is [ 36-1 Aza-Kamibotanmori, Owani, Owani-machi, Minamitsugaru-gun, Aomori, Japan ].
    It takes approximately 1 hour by car from Aomori Airport.
    Hoshino Resorts
    KAI Tsugaru
    36-1 Aza-Kamibotanmori, Owani, Owani-machi, Minamitsugaru-gun, Aomori,Japan
    1670-4123 / +82-70-5151-5123
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      Room rate policy

      The room rates vary depending on the seasons. Please select a date through the calendar and check the exact price.

      Room Occupancy (STD/MAX)
      Japanese-style Room TB2 1/2
      Western-style Room TC2 1/2
      Japanese-style Room TA2 1/2
      Japanese-style Suite with Private Garden RA4 1/4
      Japanese-style Room FA5 1/5
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      3 days before check-in or no-show The total price of the reservation will be charged.

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      The sashimi at Hoshino Resorts KAI Tsugaru offers a variety of flavors. A main dish using apples, a representative ingredient of Tsugaru, is also available. Enjoy the food culture of Tsugaru to the fullest with carefully prepared dishes.

      • Onsen
        Enjoy the cherry blossoms and fresh greenery in spring and summer, and the colored leaves in autumn from a large bath where you can see the scenery from the large windows. In winter you can also enjoy hot springs while looking at the snow-covered garden. Experience this luxurious uniqueness at Hoshino KAI Tsugaru.
      • Library
        You can enjoy delicious coffee along with books on local history, culture, nature and crafts.
      • Shop
        You can purchase a variety of souvenirs, including local traditional crafts and sweets.