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Aman KyotoAn Oasis of Luxury in the Middle of Nature
1, Okitayama Washimine-Cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan

US$ 1,995,750 ~ US$ 25,856,600

1 to 6 guests / 6 inventories
Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 12:00
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Beam projector, TV
  • Tub (ex. Jacuzzi, Hinoki)
Kyoto's Beauty is Gathered Here
In November 2019, Aman Kyoto opened in Takagamine, Kyoto, on a site measuring 24,000 square meters. Aman Kyoto is a beautiful fusion of Japanese traditions with the aman-like space Kerry Hill envisioned for over 20 years. There are gardens, forests, mountains, and nature within Aman Kyoto, which has a quiet atmosphere that blends into nature. It is possible to enjoy the sound, scent, and scenery in Aman Kyoto, including mineral hot springs, valleys where water flows from mountains, stone walls and giant rocks, roads with several branches and stone statues, and a grand staircase made of moss-mus. During your stay in Aman Kyoto, you will have the opportunity to develop your five senses by interacting with the five elements of this area: stone, water, light, forest, and moss.

Both the riverside and the mountainside rooms of Aman Kyoto have a total of 26 rooms. On the riverside, there is a two-story guest room consisting of three rooms: Nara (Ochamu) on the first floor, Kaede (Maple Tree) on the second floor, Susuki (Mangru) adjacent to the Arrival Pavilion, and Hotaru (Firefly) on the innermost side. While making the most of the natural scenery, it was designed with modern beauty at the same time, while keeping the traditional colors unique to Japanese inns. In the minimalist interior, you can feel the warmth of the trees, and it embraces the beautiful natural light, resulting in a quieter and more intimate atmosphere. You will be able to feel the flow of time in an unusual manner by enjoying the views of the forest and garden through the wall window and soaking in the cypress bath in all rooms.

Aman Kyoto has two dining restaurants. The Living Pavilion by Aman provides a variety of dishes based on Kyoto's ingredients, under the concept of "Land to Table," which overlooks the beautiful forest garden at a glance. The Japanese dining restaurant Taka-An, located outside the majestic stone gate, is also noteworthy because its omakase-tasting menu provides an insight into Japanese culture. Aman Spa offers a wide indoor bath of mineral hot springs as well as an open-air bath, ideal for reviving the body and mind before receiving treatment. Moreover, Aman Kyoto offers various activities such as yoga and meditation. I hope you will enjoy the experience of staying in Aman Kyoto, which is like a hiding place in nature while feeling the charm of Kyoto more deeply.

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Aman Kyoto