The Stayfolio Standard
STAYFOLIO's picks should

meet the following 4 criteria

with equal emphasis
The 4 criteria are used for us to identify good places to stay, and the selected places will be showcased in the Magazine section.

We will explore the places that equally meet all 4 criteria and establish STAYFOLIO's standards.
A space created from personal aspirations always has a story and a special value. Going in search of these gems and digging for their deeper hidden stories and the values of the property owners is part of the reason we decided to launch STAYFOLIO.

  • What is the purpose behind the spatial planning?
  • What kind of story do you have?
  • Does the branding align with the planned intention?
  • What is the difference?
To build a truly great house, you need a great architect and a great designer who share the same values as the owner. The design should not just focus on the aesthetic quality of the building itself, but it should also consider the harmony with its surroundings. We will shine a light on the work of great designers and architects who elevate their work to the status of art to make a stay outstanding.

  • What are the essential design elements?
  • Is the design consistent?
  • Has localized characteristics harmonious to the surrounding environment been considered?
  • Has the user’s convenience been prioritized?
Great spaces reflect the attitude of the owner. Outer appearance on its own cannot make a consistently great stay. This is why we greatly value the attention and consideration of the owner who manages the property.

  • Is the focus on customer-oriented style of communication?
  • Are you operating in a sustainable way?
  • Are there key elements for hospitality?
  • Is there a special service unique to STAY?
The price is an objective index of value for a place. We assess the quantitative value of a place based on the atmosphere and charms the place offers. We try to create a standard price point at which travelers feel reasonable after a stay.

  • Are the elements of originality, design and hospitality taken into account in the price?
  • Are the prices transparently disclosed?
  • Is the service included in the price clearly stated?
  • Do the prices reflect the region and the appropriate time period?