We curate great lodging options for you
We curate places that promote a culture of good stays at travel destinations.
When we travel, the places we stay have the power to become a part of the journey and to give us memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes, a place that we visit spontaneously on a whim can stay with us a long time. Or we might spend countless hours trying to find the perfect spot for an unforgettable getaway with that special person in our lives. Our goal is to create a channel that unlocks these wonderful places, where everyone can create those special memories.

STAYFOLIO is a combination of two words: “STAY” and “FOLIO”. It means that we hold a portfolio of specially curated, high-quality places to stay. Our e-magazine introduces incredible properties around the world and is designed to be a channel where lifestyle and travel trendsetters can share their stories to help fellow travelers select comfortable and beautiful stays at their next destination.

Our site consists of two sections. You can book directly through our website or explore the ‘Journal’ section for inspiration while searching for your next getaway. The ‘Pick’ section will introduce some of our most popular or newer stays around some themes. The ‘Magazine’ section is about introducing our amazing hosts to the world: their property, their story, and more.

It is fundamentally important to us that the places we offer for our stays reflect a story, aspirations, and dreams. We exclude strictly-business organizations from our portfolio and deliberately choose to work with places that may be unconventional but are full of charm. In our selection, you will find rental houses, guesthouses, pensions, and even places that don’t fit the standard accommodation categories so long as they reflect our values and that of its community. In any case, you can be sure that our experts pick our locations based on a very selective criteria to bring you only the most stylish yet affordable lodging.

Lastly, STAYFOLIO strives to improve the quality of local and international travel culture, within Korea as well as out. We seek to create a meaningful space where travelers can share and exchange valuable information that stir up interest in hidden gem communities and we hope that it can inspire others to create more wonderfully unique places to discover and stay.