Please introduce your stay to STAYFOLIO.
STAYFOLIO is created as a place to share travel information and experiences among travelers and to introduce the stories of people who have contributed in improving the local and travel culture by creating a great place to stay. If you are running a gem of a place to stay not known by many, or if you know one that you'd like to share with others, feel free to knock on our door. We will introduce the place after assessing its value based on our 4 criteria.

At the "Pick," our curators will select and introduce the places our readers submit using the form below. The "Magazine" will select some places from the "Pick" that received great response and interest. Our curators will visit those places, interview the owners with permission and share their own experiences of staying in an article.

STAYFOLIO will go anywhere if there's a place created with personal aspirations. Pensions, guesthouses, rental houses, boutique hotels, a house built by an architect, a unique room for travelers, any property or space created from personal dreams and philosophy of life that is contributing to the cultural enrichment of local communities can be on STAYFOLIO. Please use the form below to share the information of the place.
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