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Leisurely time surrounded by art


Experience present day KyotoHOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO
Translate: At a hotel located a little away from the bustling Kyoto downtown, but still within the city, one can experience warmth and a sense of calm that cannot be found in the heart of the city, with the convenience and relaxation that is not bound by only the comfort of the hotel. This hotel, Ante Room Kyoto, which was originally a student dormitory, was reinterpreted and opened after the 2011 earthquake. The hotel has the concept of 'Arts & Culture of ever-changing Kyoto now', and was renovated in 2016 to incorporate elements of Japanese tradition into Arts & Culture and provide a glimpse of Kyoto's present through these three themes. The facility includes a gallery, breakfast restaurant, and bar, and through collaborations with local and international artists, the hotel offers various works and events that showcase Kyoto's culture, diversity, and new values through art, felt in various places.
The Ante Room in the Kyoto Hotel has over 90 art exhibitions. The works of artists with a connection to Kyoto have been selected for each room. You can also find information about the artwork details, prices, and artist profiles, and all the works are available for purchase. One of the reasons you can only experience a unique stay experience is that the hotel's Art & Culture concept also incorporates Japanese traditional interior, which combines the art with the interior. The compact and functional interior, such as the high-quality desk, pendant lights, and completely exposed plumbing, has simple but stylish details. In addition, there are "Concept Rooms" created and coordinated by artists active in Korea and abroad, where they express and direct each world view not only through the artworks but also through the lighting fixtures.
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    At the Ante Room Kyoto Hotel, where the entire building is an art space, there is also a theme called "365-day Art Fair." Over 80 teams of artists related to Kyoto are exhibiting over 200 works. "GALLERY9.5," which is connected from the entrance, is full of stimuli where people from all over the world and local people can share the same time through various exhibitions and events and create new ideas. In addition, art works are also displayed in the corridor connecting each room and lounge, so there is a pleasure as if you are in an art museum just by walking around the inside.
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    The hotel provides breakfast using fresh ingredients such as specialty sandwiches and handmade granola in an open space surrounded by art.
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    At the Antique Kyoto Hotel, you can enjoy a special time in Kyoto while savoring the memories of your trip with over 150 types of whiskey and simple snacks available.
  • The address is: [ 601-8044 7 Higashikujo Aketacho, Minami Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan ]
    The hotel is located approximately 15 minutes by foot from Kyoto Station, and can be reached by train (HARUKA) in about 75 minutes from Kansai Airport or by limousine bus in approximately 90 minutes.
    7 Aketacho Higashi-Kujo Minami-Ku Kyoto,601-8044 Japan
    +81 75-681-5656
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      Room Occupancy (STD/MAX)
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      South Wing Twin Room 1/2
      North Wing Twin Room with Terrace 1/2
      South Wing Garden View Twin Room 1/2
      Concept Room No.152 1/2
      Concept Room No.154 1/2
      Concept Room No.160 1/2
      (Random assigned) Concept Room 1/2
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      • Compensation fee will be charged in case of loss or damage to bedding, equipment, facilities etc.
      • Commercial photography and video shooting without prior agreement are not allowed.
      • Anteroom Meals
        At the breakfast restaurant "ANTEROOM MEALS", a variety of menus using seasonal ingredients are prepared in a buffet style with the theme of "Omio Sense". A salad that uses ingredients from "Sakano Tochuu", a company that handles vegetables with an eco-friendly way, will be served with homemade granola, pastries, soup, drinks and etc. It is a breakfast that you can help yourself.
        • Opening hours : 7:00 ~ 11:00
      • Anteroom Bar
        At ANTEROOM BAR, you can spend a special time in Kyoto while feeling the afterglow of a leisurely trip surrounded by art. In addition to over 150 types of whiskey, it also offers seasonal recommendations and light snacks.
        • Opening hours : 16:00 ~ 21:00 (Last order at 20:30)
        • Opening every weekend (Fri - Sun)