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Socializing & Sharing Space

Hotel CappuccinoSeoul / Gangnam-gu

Hotel Cappuccino
A lot of things are new, But all things are attractive Urban Lifestyle HotelHOTEL CAPPUCCINO
The Hotel Capuccino, which pursues the Urban Lifestyle Hotel, tells many stories that the wonderful guests who visit here with young, reasonable dignity and careful consideration can relate to. The hotel cappuccino, which dreams of socializing & sharing space, joins people who know the value of relaxation, freedom and responsibility.
The hotel cappuccino hid sparkling ideas in guest rooms and in many of the services that you will experience in the hotel. To avoid being serious, you just enjoy the many services that Hotel Capuccino has prepared. Just doing nothing, staying in a hotel cappuccino, and all of a sudden there will be some amazing things that will help you share and protect nature with many of your neighbors.
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    Shared Value Programs
    Hotel cappuccino is worth the social and sustainable growth and sharing that surrounds us in the space and moments of guest stay. The guest room is provided with an E&G (Earn & Giveaway) box with extra amenities, and all bath items are in a dispenser rather than in a single-use container.
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    Food & Drink
    Cafe cappuccino, which expands the taste area through collaboration with F&B boutiques, a roof top bar with a night view of Seoul enjoying from a new angle, and a hot dish featuring comfort food by the hotel’s best chef team will fill the gap.
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    Lifestyle Shop
    Hotel cappuccino offers a lifestyle shop complete with hybrids from front desks and emotional shops. The lifestyle shop is full of sensory items that you can't stop at once, and you can also buy a hotel cappuccino hoodie gown and toiletries.
  • Hotel Cappuccino is located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu. If you are visiting by car, we operate all parking as a valet service.
    A parking fee of 12,000 won is charged for the parking service. If you are visiting by public transportation, it is a 3-minute walk from Exit 1 of Eonju Station on Subway Line 9 and Sinnonhyeon Station. When using the bus, it is recommended to get off at the Samjeong Hotel stop.
    155, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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    Things to note
    Find out more about your booking.
    • Things to note
    • Cancellation policy
    Room rate policy

      Please select a date through the calendar and check the exact price.  

    ROOM Occupancy (STD/MAX)
    Cappuccino King - Room Only 2/2
    Super Twin - Room Only 2/4
    Bark King - Room Only 2/2
    Bark Twin - Room Only 2/4
    • Please be advised that real-time reservation confirmation is not available. We will notify you of the availability within 24 hours of your reservation request during our operating hours: weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 KST(excluding weekends and holidays).
    • The standard/maximum number of people is including infants and children.
    • 15,000KRW is charged per person/night when exceeding the standard occupancy.
    • Additional fee is charged for extra persons and dogs.
    • Companion animals are allowed to enter.
    • Companion animals are only allowed to enter in Bark King/ Bark Twin room.
    • Maximum of 2 companion animals are allowed to enter, and 1 dog can enter without fee.
    • 15,000KRW is charged per night for accompanying companion animal.
    • Please understand that only small and medium-sized dogs under 15 kg can be accommodated, and dog amenities are designed for small and medium-sized dogs.
    • When traveling with pets in the hotel, please use cages or carry them.
    • For guests without a cage, a dog stroller are available for rental.It can only be used inside the hotel and you can rent it for an hour maximum. Please inquire at the front desk for rental.
    • Toilet bags and diapers are available at the front desk.
    • Pets are allowed to enter designated areas (7F Bark room, 1F Cafe Cappuccino) with the dog owner. Please use the outdoor terrace when using the cafe.
    • Please refrain from putting companion animals on the sofa, chair, and table.
    • Please note that there may be accidents if the leash gets caught in the elevator and the door.
    • Do not go out with companion animal in the room. Compensation fee may be charged for damage to room furnishings.
    • The guest is responsible if the companion animal runs away or injures the employee.
    • Please collect the excrement yourself. Extra fee will be charged if excrement is smeared in the room.
    Cancellation policy
    Date Refund rate
    2 days before check-in (before 18:00) 100% refund
    2 days before check-in (before 18:00) ~ arrival day non-changeable / non-refundable
    • The refund policy is applied even if the reservation is canceled within 24 hours of confirmation, so please make reservation patiently.
    • Refund rate is applied for cancelation/ reservation change.
    • There is no refund in case of NO-show or if you do not visit on the reservation date.
    • For reservation cancelation, please click the button in the ACCOUNT - My Page - Reservation Information - [Cancellation Request].
    • Please check the refund policy before requesting cancelation, and refund policy applies as of the date of cancellation request.
    • Resale, hand-over, transfer, or exchange of stay vouchers is prohibited.
    Things to note
    • Hotel Cappuccino operates all parking as a valet service.
    • Guest parking fee is 12,000KRW (No additional fee for entering/exiting during your stay / SUV cannot park)
    • Additional 1,000 KRW is charged per 10 minutes outside of operating hours.
    • Your car will be stored in the hotel parking lot or a parking lot rented by Hotel Cappuccino.
    • When staying over 7 consecutive nights, additional 10,000KRW is charged once every 7 days from check-in day.
    • Each room is equipped with a TV that has international broadcasting channels, wireless internet, free bottled water, and a safety deposit box.
    • All bath products at Hotel Cappuccino are in large-capacity dispensers, not disposable containers. It is an eco-friendly vegan product with ingredients that are harmless to the human body and nature, and the container is made from 100% recycled plastic.
    • To reduce the amount of water used, conditioner and shampoo are in one contained. Enjoy a pleasant shower time with Geneva Green, a Swiss brand that cares about people and nature.
    • Due to the government regulation on the free provision of disposable products, disposable amenities can be purchased at the Lifestyle Shop (1F). (The money you pay will be donated to a non-profit organization to protect the environment.)
    • Tableware set for companion dogs
    • Litter box & pads
    • Diapers (Available in female & male, medium & large sizes. Maximum of 2 provided per room)
    • Gown rental service (Please return it at the front desk during check-out, and purchase fee of 49,000KRW will be charged if you do not return it.)
    • 15,000 KRW will be charged. (Please contact the front for correct rate.)
    • Dog Hinoki tub to relieve fatigue, Bridgetail Blooming Body Wash with World Patent Vitamin Capsule made of organic oil, and one serving of carbonated spa with plant-derived ingredients from Pupeedermcare are provided.
    • Service inquiries: 02-2038-9611 (Front)
    • For your precious dog, the best chef team in Hotel Cappuccino Restaurant Hot Issue makes nutritious homemade healthy food. If your dog is allergic to certain foods, please let us know in advance.
    • In-room room service menus are available. (Order: 02-2038-9617)
    • Treadmill and cycling machine, yoga mats, dumbbells etc are provided on the 3F of the hotel.
    • Business hours: 05:00 - 22:00
    • 24h workstations are available for business guests in the hotel lobby, full of trendy and minimalist elements. Open 24 hours.
    • Hotel Cappuccino proposes a lifestyle shop combined by the front desk and gift shop. Amenities such as hooded robes and toiletries are available for purchase. Open 24 hours.
    • We operate a coin laundry room on the 3F to provide our guests with an affordable laundry service. Please inquire the front desk about purchase and use of fabric softener or additional equipment. (Laundry Hours 06:00-22:00)

    RESTAURANT HOT EATSUE (Location : 17F)

    • Breakfast : 7:30AM ~ 9:30AM (LAST ENTRY 9:00AM)
      Breakfast costs can be paid on site.
      Adults (8 years and older): 23,000 won / Child (48 months to 7 years old): 11,500 won / Infant (under 48 months): Free

    • Lunch : 11:30AM ~ 14:30PM (LAST ORDER 14:00PM)

    • Dinner : 17:30PM ~22:00PM (LAST ENTRY 21:00 PM)


    • 08:00 - 18:00 (Last order 18:00)


    • 18:00 - 22:00 (Last order 22:00)
    • *Operating hours and policies may change depending on hotel conditions.