Around Follie Lodge

Can We Camp Out in Jeju Without Restrictions?

With GDP per capita in Korea now reaching USD 30,000 and the five-day work week becoming commonplace, interest in how to spend leisure time is growing. A lot of people are fans of outdoor activities such as camping, off-roading, and mountain biking. This quickly rising trend, however, has resulted in a rapid development of car campsites and caravan parks, which has led to harming of the local environment and facilities filled with safety issues. A fire at a campsite in Gangwha Island brought awareness to eventually devise safety measures for protecting local environments. This initiative encouraged a change in how people enjoy outdoor activities.

The campsite Around Follie was born in the midst of these changes, under the theme of “New Outdoor Experience.” It encompasses all the essentials: easy, safe, clean environment, service, unique camping experience, and good design. Many think it’s not possible to camp in Jeju due to its harsh weather including strong winds and frequent typhoons, as well as its geological disadvantage as an island. However, Around Follie never gave in to this stereotype and created a campsite that offers the best camping experience anyone could dream of: an open exploration camping experience in the scenic view of Jeju. Lee Dong-yong, CEO of Around Follie, made this dream come true. Among so many camping trips he had been on since his 20s, what he saw and experienced in Jeju was something particularly lasting in his memory.

This motivated him to make a camping site that people can enjoy all year round, and he planned to rent all of his camping gear to future customers. This way, he started to sketch his dream into something more concrete. A place for beginner campers, rather than enthusiasts, to get the taste of outdoor activity to fulfill their romantic desire to be in beautiful nature. This idea led to a place full of entertainment including restaurants where visitors can enjoy smoked barbeque, pubs, along with rental services for all necessary camping gear. A trapezoid shaped lodge is designed to overcome the island’s extreme weather and to provide a cozy rest stop.

Celebrating one year, Around Follie is beloved by many visitors already, exceeding expectations in both design and outdoor experience with its identity of “camping” and “overnight stay.” While institutional regulations have created an absence of camping parks such as Autohome and Holiday Park, Around Follie was recognized as a great example to develop camping culture in Korea even further with their creative campsite complex, even awarded with the 2018 Reddot Design Award. Outdoor travel in harmony with the landscape makes this a place worth visiting.

Three Friends Brought Together To Realize Their Dreams

Having a background in the shipping industry in Changwon, the CEO Lee Dong-yong gathered two friends of his, Yoon Kyung-hwan, a high school friend and Yoon Yong-won from the shipping industry. “When we were camping in Jeju, we were immersed in the nature Jeju had to offer. However, we also soon learned that facilities in Jeju campsites were outdated and run only 15 percent of the year, which made us sad.” The conviction that they had to see a new special campsite in Jeju brought them together to embark on a new journey.

They wanted their place to provide a great environment, a quality campsite, and an unforgettable outdoor experience. In the market for an architect to transform their dream into reality, they met Z_Lab. After a long time of preparation and design, the new outdoor B&B concept was born on 1.32 hectares of land presenting the wide stretched view of Oreum, the rising small defunct volcano, in Jungsangan’s Nansan-ri. This space includes a lodge, Airstream, and a camping site.

“My biggest question to begin with was whether it’s possible to create a hybrid space for accommodation intertwining the concepts and elements of camping—perceived as wild and dynamic—and modern hotels—as sophisticated and delicate. Those who are not familiar with camping itself, have difficulty using equipment, and also feel uncomfortable sleeping outside were all taken into account.” They also had to think about overcoming the fact that the campsite was only used in summer.

The lodge and Airstream are designed to satisfy insulation, convenience and emotive design. On the top of that, the camping site offers rental services to provide a complete outdoor stay experience. Lee Dong-yong gave up his precious camping gear to rent to customers, Yoon Kyung-hwan made full use of his hotel chef experience and takes charge in A.Ground, a local restaurant and pub, and Yoon Yong-won used his professional shipbuilding skills to proudly introduce a vintage style Airstream. The dreams of these three are happening in this facility, managed with their love and passion.

Follie, Beside Jungsangan Nasi-Oreum

One hour away from Jeju International Airport is Around Follie in Nansan-ri in Jungsangan of Jeju Isalnd. Around Follie is 1.32 hectares of land beside Nasiri-Oreum and is located across the stretch of Oreum that rises on a 50 meter highland. When Lee, who first spotted this place, loved the warm feeling of the uphill and the beautiful curves of Oreum, thought they were a sight to behold. “I had conflicted voices in my head, whether building anything here would leave a blemish on this pristine land.”

Z_Lab leading the project saw the potential of the land and combined two concepts: outdoor and community. They wanted to make a place that fully renders Jeju’s nature as it is for a community that shares sensibility while spending time together, as well as a place that fully offers the essence of outdoor experience. They considered flexible space and service in an orderly manner more sustainable than a rigid structure.

Parc de la Villette (La Villette Park), the third biggest park in Paris designed by the French-Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi inspired the project; it dispersed public facilities—observatory, rest room, jungle gym, and ramp—every 120 meters, bringing dynamic energy into the park. Around Follie, as well, kept 20 meters in between spaces on the wide land locating Follie in the center. Events and cultural programs are flexibly interconnected and make the place livelier. The structure as a whole changes with visitors’ behaviors and attitudes.

Follie presents what’s only available in Jeju Island. The main design motif came from the region’s heritage: Dapdanitap, a tower built to prevent misfortune and wish for the health and wellbeing of people, and Yeondae, a fortress, and Hyuntap, a stone tower to protect the village from foreign invasion. The diagonal shaped design made the process of approval and construction more difficult, but it ended up creating the most harmonious shape and placement with the Oreum landscape around it.

It took one year of planning, and another year of construction and three years in total to complete Around Follie. From the beginning to the end, things were far from easy. Subject to inspection procedures three times and disaster environmental impact assessment were unexpected setbacks. Choosing the builder was also a hard process. They finally found consortium between Gau Architecture and Apro Construction. A manager from Gau Architecture, Kim Jong-min supervised the general construction of Around Follie, as a Jeju local and a great communicator with local construction company and governments. His experience in executing challenging construction projects such as Space Duck designed by Moon Hoon earned him credibility to lead the effort.

Another participating company Trust Home made use of their experience of polishing wood and zinc to construct a camping station, and white zinc panels that are unique to lodges. A tight budget didn’t allow them to build hut style two-people accommodations, but it’s expected to happen once again in collaboration with Trust Home. The most challenging part was the vintage Airstreams and movable caravan like Eriba Puck. Expanding space around Follie was a great idea but daunting work of construction had to be done to make it happen.#
Around Follie aims to expand the new and novel experience with Follie in the center surrounded by tents and Airstreams. Z_Lab presented the concept using Lego blocks, spreading them around to illustrate the concept. The three CEOs were fascinated by the first proposal where an Airstream is available for plug in, a movable caravan, and a tent gather around Follie every season and maximize the experience of the campsite.

“We thought about fully relishing a relaxing day in the pristine nature of Jeju that only an island can give. We wanted to build something that is not strictly for adept or experienced campers. In this sense, tent glamping wouldn’t work well with the tourist customers who we wanted to serve and present a unique experience to. This allowed us to come up with the “lodge” idea where visitors can have a comfortable stay regardless of Jeju’s extreme weather.” Roh Gyung-rok, the director of Z_Lab, explains.#

Gather Around Follie! New Space, Rest, and Experience

Around Follie literally stands for gathering people around Follie. Blurring the line between conventional lodges and camping experience, it provides a unique outdoor stay experience. As a platform to enjoy private rest, camping culture, and above all, to get the most out of Jeju. The campsite is made up of seven lodges, three Airstreams, a number of campsites, and other additional facilities. A.Ground performs many purposes: BBQ pub and café, reception, and shop. Follie Park where the swimming pool is located turns into a stage for festivals or events at times.

Following the order of the space, right off the entrance of Around Follie is A.Ground that serves as a lounge and a café. It also has a reception and a shop selling camping tools or souvenirs. On the other side, visitors can make a reservation and enjoy barbeque prepared by Yoon Kyung-hwan, an experienced hotel chef. Coffee and breakfast is also available here. The second floor is the observatory with a panoramic view of Around Follie. Right off the A.Ground is a small building for a communal places such as kitchen, dining room, shower room, bathroom, and laundry room.

When slightly turning around, the panoramic view of trapezium shaped lodges is dotted along the wavy road. Spiral stairs in the center, lodges are vertically structured. A carefully designed kitchen and furniture are both housed here, along with a diagonal wall taking you to the bedroom and bathroom. This diagonal wall is truly extraordinary. Lodge Pool Villa, in particular, holds premium features of the private swimming pool and an outdoor spa in the shape of Cheomseongdae (astronomical observatory in Gyeongju). Lodge loft is adequate for two people, twin and suite for four to six, and Pool Villa for maximum eight.

Head outside once again, and you will find the shared swimming pool “Nature Pool.” The pool runs all year long, except in winter. Beyond the swimming pool is the highlight of Around Follie: three vintage Airstreams, measuring at 17 ft., 27 ft., and 31 ft. Z_Lab’s design is executed with the Yoon Yong-won’s elaborated touch here. Wood, leather, and wooden sticks were used to convey the design for evoking sensibility. The 17 foot Airstream is a perfect size for two people, the 27 foot Airstream presents a hot tub, and the 31 foot Airstream will make you feel at home.

Fifteen campsites are spread around the Airstreams. Renting a site itself is as reasonable as KRW 40,000 to 50,000 (USD ~35 to ~44). Even if you bring nothing with you, you can rent all the camping gear you need, and the bonus is Lee’s instruction and demonstration. If you bring your camping car, you can stay the night at an auto home site. Using tents in addition to staying at the campsite, Airstream, or lodge allows you to enjoy the perk of Eriba Puck, a promotional caravan that will enhance the real spirit of Around Follie.

Nasiri Oreum is a place not to be missed if you are in Around Follie. Walking on the trail along the Oreum, you will have a scenic view of Around Follie mingled with the beautiful Jungsangan landscape. At dusk, the light spreads in every direction, creating a speechless sight. A barbeque sandwich with vin chaud (mulled wine) will make the picnic more interesting.

Around Follie’s Planning and Design Interview With Z_Lab

Around Follie Lodge
How was Around Follie planned out?
Around Follie is located on the 1.32 hectare land beside Nasiri Oreum of Nansan-ri on 50 meter highland. Here, anyone can see the bird’s eye view of beautiful Jeju nature. When I first visited here, I loved the warm feeling of a mild hill, and curves of Oreum stretched over the horizon were stunning. I had conflicted voices in my head, however, whether building anything here would leave a blemish on this pristine land. That’s when I came up with the responsive system that is flexibly changed by visitor’s behaviors and attitudes, and refrain ourselves from adopting a complete master plan that leaves no room for flexibility.
The land is quite large and it seems to accommodate a variety of B&Bs from camping sites to the new concept of Airstreams and lodges. What was the motif for your design?
Parc de la Villette (La Villette Park) designed by the French-Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi inspired the project. The structure called “Follie” lies in 120 meters of grid in the park. Follie shapes the consistent image of the park and breathes life into the park by its reactive functions and programs such as observatory, rest room, jungle gym, and ramp. We were inspired by this concept and dispersed rooms, pools, food and beverage deck, and water tanks around Follie in the 20 meter grid within the 1.32 hectare space. This was the new Follie design holding diverse functions and programs.

Local Jeju Bangsatop, Yeondae, Hyuntop tower and fortress were our motifs that were used to defend Jeju against invasion or protect it from ruthless typhoons and wind. We developed this design to Around Follie where facilities like caravans, Micro Buses, tents, and camping grills can be fluid in its location. We created order with Follie standing firm in the center rather than relying on zoning or rigid master plan. We prioritized the versatile space, utilized elasticity where events, contents, and programs are in and out and on and off at any times.
There seems to be a variety of spaces under different themes and concepts. What kind of facilities do you have here?
The purpose of Around Follie is to expand the novel experience around Follie in conjunction with camping tents or caravans as if they’re all plugged into Follie. We had a glimpse of possibility at a recent camping festival introducing movable accommodations such as Micro Bus, Eriba Puck, food trucks, etc. Among them, Airstreams were definitely second to none. Off the planned 20 meter grid of Follie are the Airstreams: open exploring experience beyond logic. The spirit of free camping has become the icon of the Around Follie project. Nonetheless, the idea alone was not enough to achieve what we wanted. It was our first interior planning and design with Airstreams and caravans. Looking for building contractors was equally challenging.
So it would not have been possible without help?
The three CEOs of Around Follie were in the heart of it. All of them had experience in building cabins of ships, and in particular, Lee jumped into Craigslist (the biggest online platform to sell and buy used camping cars) and looked for camping cars himself. Domestic importing company, Iann RV assisted him to purchase three 1960 style Airstreams, a movable caravan and a Micro Bus T1. They made the full use of their experience building cabins and became a big part of the renovation. They perfectly understood Z_Lab’s blueprint and made it happen with their distinguished processes.
I’m sure there must have been some difficulties to complete Around Follie.
I think the biggest challenge we faced was the convention. There has been a lot of skepticism over what we did: people said things like “Jeju is for the ocean,” “Business in Jungsangan wouldn’t be possible,” “Less than 10 percent of the building area per land doesn’t have any business value,” etc. It ignited serious concerns whether we should give up the idea especially when the initial lodge design of Bangsatop was turned down. The third review dramatically passed the proposal; I think it’s because the projects we had been operating in Jeju were positively taken into account.

“Blind Whale” reflected the design of old Jeju houses, reborn with modern material like zinc. “Pyeongdae Panorama” was inspired by Jeju’s ubiquitous stone storage to design the second floor of a building, achieving harmony with the surrounding village. “June Loft” maintained the size of the houses and backyards in the village, leaving the loft snug. We added that we wanted to make Around Follie blend in to Jeju’s local color just like other projects we’ve worked on.
Looking forward, how would you like Around Follie to be operated?
Although I’m aware that we still need to work on things, I want Around Follie to be the place where families can make special memories together. I want it to serve those who seek to appreciate design and sensibility beyond a simple camping trip, and those who seek to form their own lifestyle and want to try experimental experiences of outdoor activities. Institutional constraints don’t allow the variety of overnight camping parks such as Holiday Park to emerge in Korea. I hope Around Follie expands the camping culture and sets a great example for more creative places to emerge.

STAY’s recommended
Local Destination

Ttarabi Oreum

Near Gasi-ri Pony Museum, splendor of dark silver grasses is not to be missed. Fall is the most crowded season.

Samdal-ri Wind Power Plant Park

A relaxing park at a power plant behind Mogu-ri campsite. It’s a hidden spot in Jeju, not well known to tourists. 1961-2, Samdal-ri.

STAY’s recommended
Local Restaurant

Namyang Susan

Beloved by locals around Sungsan area. Raw red sea-bream and mackerel are available at a reasonable price, the tiger puffer stew is unforgettable. 11, 57 beon-gil, Goseongdongseo-ro


Savory and juicy dombe meat (steamed and sliced pork on chopping board) with noodles come in a big bowl. One of the most popular local noodles restaurants. 10, Seopjikoji-ro

STAY’s recommended
Local Shop

A.Ground Shop

Around Follie souvenirs and camping-related products are available.

STAY’s recommended
Local Cafe

A.Ground BBQ Café & Pub

Restaurant and bar located in Around Follie. The signature menu barbeque platter is their best.

Café Dorrell

The café is filled with artwork of designers making visitors feel special. 20, Dongnyuam-ro, Seongsan-eup


The Outdoor Spirit Brings a Complete Day With Nature

Around Follie aims to invite visitors to feel free and fully enjoy their private rest through camping. Being an unexperienced yet desiring camper myself, I had fear of sleeping outside but Around Follie made my first experience very special. We arrived at Around Follie with my sister-in-law’s family. After having a cup of tea, we went on to Around Follie’s lodge Pool Villa, which impressed my family as soon as they saw it. It is the only type of deluxe accommodation that provides a private pool, making it the best place for my family to enjoy ourselves.

The best part was swimming while appreciating the wide green Oreum far in sight. Looking at horses hanging out with each other was also fantastic. I promised myself to throw a barbeque party for dinner. While my wife and children enjoyed the private pool, I took a tour of the Pool Villa. Z_Lab’s sophisticated touch in collaboration with Vero Leather Works made shelves and hangers; Cotone’s fabric was also impressive. Customized Epoce organizer, which intrigued me earlier in the planning, found its perfect place in the corner of the room. Everything—illustration and camping-feeling items—was a great addition.

The open spaces between diagonal hallways felt refreshing, reminding me of opening a camping tent zipper. The most sensational place is undoubtedly the Pool Villa lodge. The maximum capacity for this building is 8 people. The building itself can accommodate 6 people and tent an additional 2. The bed was handmade and bed sheets were prepared by Cotone—which felt very soft and light. Separately prepared mattress, bed sheets, and comforter for children add more convenience. CD racks and classic speakers at another side of the diagonal wall take me back in time. The kitchen, made by By Big Table, highlights the details of the leather and the application of HR steel makes me realize where I am. Above all, the hand drip coffee kit was the best.

The spiral stairs exposing landscape take me to the second floor with a bedroom. The view over the window in the room indeed cleanses the soul. I felt liberated just to see my children run around and enjoy swimming in the background of beautiful Jungsangan Oreum. Another perk of Pool Villa lodge is its Cheomseongdae-resembling private outdoor spa. It pumps out warm water, making it the perfect environment for children. Evening brought lights and lodges, Airstreams and camping sites all together to create a different and even more enticing look. Some comment the Bansagtop-looking lodge appears futuristic but I think it reminds me of Jeju more.

The barbecue at the camping deck couldn’t get any better. Meat and sausage smoked for over 10 hours with Magpie beer in Stanley ice bottles were irresistible. Our time together swimming at a Pool Villa will be a memory that lasts. It was time for breakfast after a long entertaining night. A.Ground serves as a reception desk and at the same time a restaurant and pub. It’s a shared place among guests. Yoon made hearty pancakes topped with sausage, fruits and vegetables, full of care.

When we came back to Pool Villa, I suggested my wife join me for a cup of coffee. Hand drip coffee with a Kalita Dripper adds to the outdoor experience. I loved the relaxing moment between my wife and me at this deck. Jeju, well known for its ocean, also has cozy view of Oreum that feels like the embracing heart of a mom. Immersing myself in Jeju makes me think there is nothing better than nature. I gained tranquility from Oreum over ranches and farms. We wrapped up our trip in Around Follie, promising to my family that I will offer an even more authentic camping experience in the next trip. Discovering hidden places of Jeju is certainly appealing but dedicating a full day to my family in beautiful nature made me truly grateful.


Outdoor Stay Taking Advantage of Camping, Glamping, and Hotel

On a 1.32 hectare land in a view of Jungsangan Oreum, Around Follie is a new B&B concept where you can maximize your outdoor experience in nature with lodges, Airstreams, camping stations, pools and a café. Its title, “seven-star hotel” is not overrated: high-end facilities at a camping site, rental items and gear, and renovated 1960s vintage style Airstreams. Lodges offer a pleasant experience like hotels, A.Ground specialized barbeque menu and amenities available not only to Around Follie’s guests but also any visitors.


Design of Experience Expanding Around Follie

“Around Follie,” as its name clearly states, literally means facilities diverging around Follie, and tries to make the best use of the space where seasons and users can change rather than a rigid concept of a master plan. Around Follie is designed to connect caravans and a camping deck to Follie, allowing visitors to enjoy an authentic outdoor experience while fully appreciating Jeju’s nature. The lodge, representing Follie’s design, reinterpreted Jeju’s traditional structures—Bangsatop, Hyuntop tower and Yeondae fortress—and found its own style. Ideas borrowed from the arrangement found in Jeju’s stone graves and application of property of the materials and geometrical spatial structure are remarkable. This outstanding design was also recognized with the Reddot Award Winner in 2018.


Spreading Outdoor Culture Beyond Love for Camping

Lee, in love with camping since his 20s, was fascinated by Jeju’s nature and made Around Follie happen in teamwork with his friends. He gave up his camping gear to rent it to customers to share his passion for camping. The three CEOs aimed to present the place for those who seek to find good design and sensibility beyond camping, and they want to make it easier for those who seek to form their own lifestyle to come close to outdoor culture. When institutional restrictions don’t allow overnight camping parks like Holiday Park to exist, Around Follie, a winner of the Reddot Design Award 2018, positions itself as an unprecedented example of bringing invaluable Jeju’s nature into the form of outdoor experience.


Wide Spectrum of Options From Rental Camping to Pool Villa

Around Follie offers a variety of options to choose to your liking, from camping deck rental available at KRW 40,000 to 50,000 (USD ~35 to ~44), rental camping & Airstream at KRW 100,000 to 200,000 (USD ~89 to ~178) to different types of lodges at 200,000 to 850,000 KRW (USD ~178 to ~756). You can diversify your outdoor experience by using the options plugged in to Follie such as movable caravans, tents, or barbeque equipment. You can also choose to stay at a different accommodation each night: one night a campsite, another night at an Airstream, and the other at a lodge. Making a visit to A.Ground will be worth it since it’s an open space for everyone, providing its signature barbecue, Magpie craft beer, and other beverages. Around Follie is indeed the best place for the free spirit of camping.

Stay Name
Around Follie Lodge

Stay Type
Camping & Outdoor

Contact information

433, Seoseongil-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Guests / No. of Room
2~8 / 7

US$178 ~ US$659

Check-in / out
16:00 / 11:00

open-air bath, BBQ, restay

PHOTO BY Lee Byung-Keun | https://www.nangmansien.com/