RYSE, Autograph Collection

It Begins as a Curiosity and Becomes an Inspiration

The city of Seoul offers a variety of places to visit and places to explore. In fact, cafes and bars are opening well beyond the speed at which people explore and visit. Seoul, one of the most interesting city’s in the world that is constantly changing. Even when you're asleep, there are hotels full of youthful energy in Hongdae, including Mangwon-dong, Yeonnam-dong, Hapjeong-dong, and Sangsu-dong. Despite the fact that it is called a hotel, this does not suffice to explain this place. The RYSE, Autograph Collection develops and expands a lifestyle that goes beyond the hotel's operations and is supported by a solid fan base.

RYSE, Autograph Collection, which stands upright at the entrance of Hongdae, led a variety of musical genres, street culture, and nightlife scenes in the 2000s. It is still on the list of places to visit in Seoul, offering a lively, dynamic, and refreshing experience to visitors three years after its opening. Incorporating the unique characteristics of the Hongdae area, the brand genuinely reflects and interprets its own image and value, providing a dynamic atmosphere for all guests who visit the hotel by combining the hotel's young staff with designs inspired by Tupac's poems. In addition, it evokes a sense of Hongdae "young" and "energetic", as well as an intense curiosity. The 'young' has a curious nature that never stops. It starts out as a curiosity and ends up as an inspiration.

The Creativity and Energy of Hongdae

As the original Seogyo Hotel, the RYSE, Autograph Collection building stood out not only in Seogyo-dong but also throughout Seoul. During the course of time, the area around Hongik University developed into a creative and lively epicenter as a street of youth. However, the Seogyo Hotel continued its traditional early form and gradually distanced itself from Hongdae, which also changed with the times. It has been decided to rebrand the Seogyo Hotel in order to feel the distance and to become a hotel that can cooperate with the changes in Hongdae. It is aimed at becoming a hotel that can show the locality of Hongdae not only to Koreans but also to those who travel from abroad. After deciding to rebrand the Seogyo Hotel, many of the leading hotel brands were contacted, however, it was difficult to comprehend the regional characteristics of Hongdae. As a way to interpret the characteristics of the region and to be flexible according to the times, a brand was needed to convey the desired image according to the subject's desires. Marriott did not create RYSE, but it partnered with franchise brands such as Marriott's Autograph Collection in order to build an excellent reservation system and membership. The brand was created through the direct efforts and implementation of those who gathered to create it. They continue to make efforts to reflect the energy and creativity of Hongdae in everything they plan for the RYSE, Autograph Collection. This effort is ongoing.

RYSE, Autograph Collection

Youth Abound in Seoul

Hongdae Station, which is well known for its art. Hongdae Station has become the symbol of street culture, club culture, and young and new art culture since the early 2000s. In the area around Hongdae Playground, there are a variety of large and small indie band performance halls, so there are several opportunities to choose and listen to various types of music (although now the number of venues has decreased, there are still places for new music to be heard). On a walk around the street, you will likely see musicians reciting rap, aspiring singers and composers who play guitars, street artists, and street dancers. Rather than merely enjoying leisure, it is much more of a unique neighborhood that enjoys culture. The station has been upgraded into an airport railway station, which provides convenient access to Line 2, Gyeongui Jungang Line, and Incheon International Airport. It is also the preferred base for travel to Seoul for young overseas tourists. A wide range of bustling areas extended outside of Hongik University Station, including Hapjeong Station, Sangsu Station, Mangnidan-dong, and Mangnidan-gil, as well as the larger and more prosperous commercial districts. It is a very attractive area for both domestic and international tourists, as each area has a distinct look and atmosphere, and has a more youthful and vibrant atmosphere than any other area in Seoul.


RYSE's lobby design on the first floor was inspired by the poetry of legendary hip-hop artist Tupac. RYSE's CEO received the book as a gift from his younger brother when he was young and found a message that ‘something as beautiful as a rose could grow in a rough and raw environment’. It compares Tupac to becoming a successful and legendary hip-hop artist while growing up in a poor and crime-ridden neighborhood and interprets the message in a way that combines delicate colors and soft materials with rough industrial materials in the city. In the lobby on the first floor, pink resin floors and concrete walls can be seen.

Michaelis Boyd, who participated in interior design, is a world-famous design company and is already well known in the design world. They showed great designs through Soho House and always showed meaningful designs, and in 2015, Michaelis Boyd first participated in the RYSE project and created a concept based on RYSE's brand design elements. Since then, a domestic studio has played a role in implementing the design concept of Michaelis Boyd as a local design partner. They were in charge of accurate expression and construction of the design and made sure that RYSE's vision could be delivered well in the field. It was designed by considering factors such as material selection, furniture, color, etc., and efficiency and stability when customers actually use it with the operating team. We talk about design, but in the end, the most important factor in RYSE is not physical design - but a brand that can create unique experiences and synergies for customers.It puts forth attention and effort to work with people.#
As a result of the Seogyo Hotel being rebranded, numerous hotel brands were contacted, but none of them could satisfy the needs of the planning entity. It was due to the fact that large hotel groups were unable to comprehend and interpret the characteristics and values of Hongdae. During the planning phase, it was envisioned that all activities both inside and outside of the hotel would convey the vibe and spirit of the region and do so in a way that captured both the tone and the image that the artists were looking for. The goal was to create a brand. Partnering with franchise brands such as Marriott Autograph Collection was intended to grow their reservation system and membership, but many people believe Marriott is the creator of RYSE.

The RYSE brand, however, was created and implemented by us, the subject. In the beginning, the brand concept sought to create an icon that embodied Hongdae and contained the passion of youth. Subsequent decisions have always been driven by these three brand components. In order for RYSE to succeed, all members of the team contributed their creative ideas at various stages of the project. With RYSE, the hotel chose to have the flexibility and ability to adjust and adapt as needed by establishing a new path in its own way, without regard to a pre-determined framework. RYSE can be viewed from a variety of subjective perspectives. As a result, what we can do to represent RYSE is communicate who we are and show how we interact with guests. To be successful, RYSE must be characterized by integrity and sincerity, and I believe there will be customers who identify with RYSE's lifestyle.#



RYSE, Autograph Collection
I would like to know the meaning behind the name RYSE Hotel.
RYSE provides a positive feeling. A spelling change has been made to arouse curiosity in the rise-up, which means "stand up". From the highest room in the hotel, the Executive Producer Suite, you will be able to sense the hotel's own luxury and splendor.
I would like you to describe the initial planning and creative direction and tell us what the spirit has been since then or what is changing considering other directions and perspectives.
When we began developing the brand, we aimed to produce a brand that represents Hongdae and contains the passion of youth. Since then, decisions have been made with an emphasis on these three aspects of the brand. All team members contributed creatively to our success and continue to do so today. To achieve our objective, we are not following the traditional paradigm of becoming a hotel with RYSE. We are able to adapt and adjust as needed because we have pioneered a new path. Each individual's perspective on RYSE may differ. I believe what we can decide is how to communicate who we are and how to interact with customers. Integrity and sincerity are the two most important factors for the brand RYSE to exist, and we believe that there are customers who share the same values.
Why do people stay at the RYSE Hotel? What is the appeal of the hotel?
RYSE is distinguished by three factors. First, it features unique programming and brand collaborations that are constantly being introduced. The nature of programs and collaborations tends to be varied, and I hope to reach RYSE's fans through these cultural exchanges. Second, it may be cliché, but it's a service. RYSE was rated in the top three for service among all Marriott hotels in Korea and in the top two for Autograph Collection hotels in Asia. RYSE crew members, regardless of their age, are committed to providing the best service to their customers. Last but not least, inspiration is created by combining a unique design with a high level of service. Through RYSE, we hope to inspire all visitors and make them feel young.
Please let me know of any other endeavors or plans that the RYSE, Autograph Collection has planned.
We intend to resume the cultural event series and collaborate with various brands after COVID-19. It is our hope that the playlists, rooftop markets, and DJ sessions will be able to reach a wider audience with new artists of the RYSE Yanghwa playlist which is released every three months.

STAY’s recommended
Local Restaurant


A new gourmet experience, unique to the Hongdae RYSE Hotel, which boasts youthful energy and creativity. Furthermore, the restaurant presents a new Western menu that is welcoming, generous, and includes Korean elements.


It is located on the fourth floor of the RYSE Hotel and is inspired by the Brooklyn Neighborhood Cocktail Bar created by melting the cultural backgrounds of the five Tokki members who met in New York.


At the Executive Lounge - Side Note Club, which combines Brooklyn's sensibility with the individuality of Hongdae, you can enjoy curated music and cocktails in an open environment.


Liberation from Familiarity

The hotel is located in the heart of Seoul, in a busy area called Hongdae Station. This trip is not simply for relaxation. The purpose of traveling is also to get away from familiar surroundings and to find inspiration and freedom in an unfamiliar setting. When I was leaving for the RYSE Hotel in Seoul, which I was familiar with, I felt an unfamiliarity and a beating heart that I had not witnessed before. There is a little bit of everything in this hotel, from the aroma of freshly baked bread and coffee on the first floor to the lobby on the third floor where you can take an inspiring stroll without leaving the hotel. The Charr Restaurant on the 4th floor combines Korean sensibilities with Western food, and a Tokki Bar on the fourth floor. There is music on the 15th floor, excellent cocktails, and a rooftop club, The Side Note Club. Hongdae Station's vibrant culture, art, and youthful streets are also bonus points. Familiar scenery, streets, and cities are transformed here into new experiences. Almost all of the scenes in RYSE are reinterpreted in fresh ways that I did not expect. Whether you choose to stay alone or with acquaintances or friends you wish to spend time with, it is an opportunity to experience rather than live an exotic lifestyle. While sitting at the end of the bed, looking at the sunset city forest, RYSE's Yanghwa playlist, which is released every three months, is activated on a Bluetooth speaker, and the mood of the room changes in accordance with the light. It is easy to become inspired by a change in gaze or perspective. My boring daily routine received the stimulus it needed by the space of youth and freedom.



An Exchange of Ideas, a Unique Experience

There is more to the story than appears on the surface. Rather than simply focusing on creating an interesting and sensibly designed hotel, RYSE is constantly creating its own brand, its own philosophy. Despite being firmly embedded in a building, the people and experiences that constitute it are adaptable to change and consider every day a new adventure. A space where we consider how to cross RYSE's own philosophy and stories in a more diverse, fun, and engaging manner reflecting harmony with the region and exchanges of cultures.


An Effort to Create an Invisible and Unique Experience 본문:

Collaboration results in gaining experience. A unique experience has been developed through collaboration with many brands, including Barnes, Nonfiction, Nivel Crack, and Chinatown Market. Moreover, Cody Hudson, Chris Law, and One Up Crew collaborated with artists from around the world. It is evident that significant efforts were put into designing special experiences that stimulate the five senses in addition to the physical design.


Confidence in My Abilities

There is no need to leave the hotel and head somewhere. There is much to see and do. Freedom and choice are both available. As my eyes are drawn to the familiar but different city views and vivid color designs surrounding me, my heart begins to race. Confidence that you can accomplish anything. No matter what you face or endure, you will never cease to be curious and interested in the world.


Harmony Like No Other, Endless Curiosity

It is luxurious, but not too heavy. It is sensual, but not too trendy. It has a distinctive color. This crew is young and polite, and adaptable. There is a combination of top-notch services and unique designs. Finally, it allows you to find balance and inspiration occurs through it, thus completing a lively scene. It is constantly curious, and if you do not wish to lose your youthfulness or regain it, head to RYSE, a place where the sun rises earlier than anywhere else in Seoul.

Stay Name
RYSE, Autograph Collection

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Contact information

130 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04038, Korea

Guests / No. of Room
2~3 / 3

US$ 213 ~ US$ 1,332

Check-in / out
15:00 / 12:00

Projector or TV, Tub (ex. Jacuzzi, Hinoki)

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