HOTEL EDIT YOKOHAMA oldCut down on transit time
6-78-1 Sumiyoshi-Cho, Naka-ku Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan

US$ 37 ~ US$ 139

1 to 2 guests / 7 inventories
Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00
  • Breakfast
  • Projector or TV
Finding tomorrow's lifestyle in the port city Yokohama
In Yokohama, there is a hotel called Hotel Edit Yokohama created by UDS, a brand that has brought about a design value innovation in the Japanese hotel industry. Hotel Edit Yokohama is a mixed-type hotel planned under the concept of "editing your travel experience", in other words opening the doors to experience a new lifestyle. Within the facilities, there are service offices, lifestyle shops, restaurants, and bars in addition to the hotel. In 2015, it won the Good Design Award, and one of the attractions is the modern design that expresses the unique atmosphere of Yokohama, which is embodied in the town, according to UDS's concept of creating a "desirable town" by revitalizing the area through the hotel.

The guest rooms are designed with a minimalist and sophisticated concept that reinterprets Yokohama from a UDS perspective and visualizes the port city. It is a compact yet deep space with calmness and simplicity that reduces waste. The rooms have elements that can be edited to accommodate the different needs of guests, whether they want to enjoy time with friends or use it for vacation. The bathroom is furnished with 'PROVINSCIA,' a brand of hotel amenities that showcase the refreshing, refined nature in the South France. On the 2nd floor, there are new service offices that can be adapted according to any work style, and on the 1st floor, there is a lounge space that can be freely used.

Designed by UDS
Photo by UDS