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A moment of leisurely time to pause and rest

sogheJeju / Seogwipo-si

Wishing for a warm and cozy spacesoghe
Nestled between the seaside and the mountains lies a tranquil and serene village in Nansan-ri, Seongsan-eup, Jeju Island. Strolling along the stone wall path, you'll find two cozy houses surrounded by a garden and large trees at the end of the alley. "Soghe" means "short rest", embodying the hope for a warm and inviting space for all who spend time here.
Between the traditional Jeju-style house and the stone warehouse, a garden filled with camellia trees greets you. With a relaxed mind, you can enjoy the all-season outdoor heated pool and hot spring baths, which are accessible from every building in Soghe's backyard. After frolicking in the water, retreat to the sauna to gaze at the undulating waves of the overflowing pool. The main building houses a communal dining table and lounge, perfect for gathering together. In the tea room, savor tea prepared from the indoor garden.
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    Imagine gathering around a roaring bonfire with friends or family, listening intently to each other's stories. Indulge in whispered conversations and lean on the surrounding nature for a moment of respite during your stay at this unique haven.
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    Tea room
    In the tea room, savor tea prepared from the indoor garden.
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    Open air bath
    With a relaxed mind, you can enjoy the all-season outdoor heated pool and hot spring baths, which are accessible from every building in Soghe's backyard.
  • The location of soghe is [8-4, Nansan-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea].
    This property has parking available.
    8-4, Nansan-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea
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    Things to note
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    • Things to note
    • Cancellation policy
    Room rate policy

    You can check the exact room rate after selecting the itinerary.

    Room Occupancy(STD/MAX) Rate
    soghe 4/6 from 600,000KRW


    • Standard occupancy is 4 people, maximum occupancy is 6 people (including infants and children).
    • Additional 30,000 KRW is charged per person/night when exceeding the standard occupancy.
    • Inquiries regarding reservation and facilities: +82-504-0904-2745
    Cancellation policy
    Date Refund rate
    10 days before check-in 100% refunded
    9 days before check-in 90% refunded
    8 days before check-in 80% refunded
    7 days before check-in 70% refunded
    6 days before check-in 60% refunded
    5 days before check-in 50% refunded
    4 days before check-in 40% refunded
    3 days before check-in non-changeable / non-refundable


    • For smooth reservation management, the same refund policy applies even if the reservation is canceled within 24 hours, so please make a careful reservation.
    • Resale, hand-over, transfer, or exchange of stay vouchers is prohibited.
    Things to note
    • Check-in is 4pm, check-out is 11am.
    • Exceeding the maximum occupancy is prohibited.
    • Only guests listed on the reservation can enter the property.
    • No smoking in any areas of the property. Special cleaning fee is charged in case of violation.
    • Compensation fee will be charged in case of loss or damage to bedding, equipment, facilities etc.
    • Commercial photography and video shooting without prior agreement are not allowed.
    • Minors cannot stay without a guardian (legal representative).
    • Please refrain from cooking any food with strong odors or smoke inside of the property.
    • Disinfection service is carried out regularly but bugs and insects may still come in due the natural surrounding of the area. Refund is not possible for these reasons.
    • Guests are responsible for safety accidents caused by negligence in safety management.
    • Confirmation of reservation means that you have read and agree to all of the policy.
    • The property is in a residential area so please refrain from making loud noises during late hours.
    • If you use 10kg of firewood, ignition agent, torch, gloves, and firewood tongs etc, a fee of 30,000 KRW will be incurred.
    • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the pool.
    • Infants and children must be under the supervision of adults.
    • The Outdoor pool is open until 9pm.
    • It is operated with (30-33℃) lukewarm water and lukewarm water is maintained from 4PM to 9PM.
    • CCTVs are installed towards outside for the guests’ safety
    • Parking space is available.