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Fully focus on myself

chojjeomJeolla / Naju-si

Cherish the serene ambiance in the hanok with spacious yardChojjeom
In Geumcheon-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, there stands Stay 'Chojjeom' in a quiet village. This is the ideal place to have a private relaxing time as it is located on a high hill and surrounded by nature. It renovated an old house yet preserved traditional features such as the 200㎡ yard, numaru, toenmaru, rafter etc that presents the sophisticated taste of hanok.
Warm sunlight fills Stay Chojjeom all day through its vast window. It would be nice to read a book on the toenmaru listening to the sound of water gently flowing. The crimson sunset will bring a sense of peace to your mind, and we recommend you to relax in front of the outdoor brazier and table to concentrate on your thoughts. Feel the season while focusing on the sound of water, scenery, and wind. You will be able to cherish a time to fully focus on yourself.
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    Open air bath
    There is an open air bath in the spacious yard you can enjoy while admiring the nature. Relax in the water embracing the moonlight.
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    Fire table
    Listen to the sound of running water at one corner of the yard and watch the shining lights. You can cherish time to fully focus on yourself.
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    Water space
    Find peace of your mind listening to the sound of water in this place surrounded by nature.
  • Chojjeom is located in [ 33-6, Dangga-gil, Geumcheon-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do (Singari) ].
    33-6, Dangga-gil, Geumcheon-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
      Things to note
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      • Things to note
      • Cancellation policy
      Room rate policy

      You can check the exact room rate after selecting the itinerary.

      Stay Occupancy(Standard/Maximum) Rate
      Chojjeom 2/4 330,000 ~


      • Weekday is Sun-Thur, weekend is Fri-Sat.
      • Exceeding the maximum occupancy is not allowed to enter.
      • Infants and children are included in the maximum occupancy.
      • 20,000KRW is charged per person for additional person.
      • Reservation is available until December 2022.
      NO PETS
      • Accompanying pet is restricted.
      Cancellation policy
      Date Refund rate
      10 days before check-in 100% refund
      9 days before check-in 90% refund
      8 days before check-in 80% refund
      7 days before check-in 70% refund
      6 days before check-in 60% refund
      5 days before check-in 50% refund
      4 days before check-in 40% refund
      3 days before check-in Unchangeable / No refund
      • Confirmation of reservation means that you have read and agreed to all of the above.
      • Resale, hand-over, transfer, or exchange of stay vouchers is prohibited.
      Things to note
      • Exceeding the maximum occupancy and visitors are not allowed to enter. Visitors or persons other than guests listed on the reservation are not allowed on the property, and violation will result in eviction without refund. (CCTV installed outside the stay)
      • Accompanying pet is restricted.
      • Disinfection service is conducted regularly, but bugs and insects may still come in due the natural surrounding of the area, so please close the door. Refund is not possible for these reasons.
      • Compensation fee will be charged as purchase fee in case of damage and loss of all facilities, and please inform the host if there is damage to provide a pleasant environment for the next guests.(Please pay special attention to damage to ceramics and white bedding.)
      • There is disinfectant in the water space in front of the main building so please do not put your hands and feet in the water.
      • Cooking inside is not allowed, and barbecue is not available. Usage of flammable items such as burner is prohibited.
      • No smoking (including e-cigarette) in all areas of the property (including yard).
      • Please refrain from making loud noises after 9pm and do not disturb the residents.
      • Usage of flammable items such as fireworks etc is not allowed in all areas of the property for everyone’s safety.
      • Please recycle the trash and wash the used kitchen utensils before check-out.
      • Kids are allowed in the stay but is was not constructed as Kids-friendly, so we advise guardians to please stay attentive to children to prevent accidents.
      • CCTVs are installed outside and near garage for the guests’ safety.
      • Use of the water space, outdoor open-air bath, and fire table may be restricted in winter or depending on the weather.
      • Commercial photography and video shooting without prior agreement are not allowed.
      • When staying for consecutive nights, cleaning service or linen change are not provided.
      • For reservation changes and other inquiries please contact Chojjeom (010-4892-3473).
      • Liquid, power, foam bath products, flower petals, popori, herbs etc are not allowed in the open air bath.
      • CCTVs are installed outside for the guests' safety.
      • Parking is available at the public parking lot near the town entrance.