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A Place of Rest that is Centred on the Present

HOSHINOYA BaliBali / Tampaksiring

Hoshino Resort in Bali that values Harmony between human and natureHOSHINOYA Bali
Hoshinoya Bali is the brand's first overseas location, focusing on the concept of rest in the present moment. It is located in Ubud, Bali's central region. Ubud, which means medicine in Balinese, has a different charm than the beach, and thus attracts visitors from all over the world seeking such healing. The resort is located in the eastern part of Ubud, above the valley where the Pakerisan River flows. It is nestled in a lush forest, rich in nature. This space is a haven for those seeking deep inner healing. Enjoy a unique experience in Hoshinoya Bali, where you can feel localized comfort as if you were an inhabitant of the village.
There are three distinct types of standalone villas constructed in traditional Balinese-style architecture. It consists of a villa Jalak with a view of the valley, a Mezzanotte villa Soka with an open living room, and a villa Bulan with a pool view. You can experience Bali's beauty through sculptures and traditional crafts that emphasize the harmony of people, nature, and the Gods. Additionally, the swimming pool is accessible from all rooms and is inextricably linked to the Buddha's public space, a private resting place, and the surrounding natural environment. In the three tranquil pool lounges, you can read books while listening to the sounds of nature, or embrace the scenery that changes with the passage of time. Hoshinoya Bali will provide an experience that is unique to Bali.
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    Balinese massage is an ancient art that originated in the courts of Javanese kings. Hoshinoya Bali offers spa services to relieve muscle and mental tension using herbal medicines, rice flour, and other natural ingredients.
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    You can directly access the 3 pools of Hoshinoya Bali from your room. Open 24/7, and enjoy a relaxing vacation.
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    Dining at Hoshinoya Bali is a new style of cuisine that combines traditional Balinese and Indonesian cuisine. Enjoy dishes that bring out the best of the various ingredients with numerous spices.
  • The address of HOSHINOYA Bali is [ Br. Pengembungan, Desa Pejeng Kangin Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Gianyar 80552 Bali, Indonesia ].
    ·Please come by taxi or pickup service. ·HOSHINOYA Bali can arrange pick-up and drop-off cars between Hoshinoya Bali and Bali from the airport and other hotels you plan to stay at. We will arrange a Hoshinoya affiliated taxi. ·If you wish, please apply here at least two days before arrival.
    Br. Pengembungan, Desa Pejeng Kangin Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Gianyar Bali, Indonesia
    1670-4123 / +82-70-5151-5123
      Things to note
      Find out more about your booking.
      Please be advised that following information is for reference. All the listed information can be subject to the stay’s current status.
      • Things to note
      • Cancellation policy
      Room rate policy

      The room rates vary depending on the seasons. Please select a date through the calendar and check the exact price.

      Room Occupancy (STD/MAX)
      Soka Garden Pool Villa Maisonette 4/4
      Jalak Garden Pool Villa Terrace 3/3
      Bulan Garden Pool Villa 3/3
      • Reservation is not confirmed real time, and we inform whether reservation is possible in less than 48 business hours.
      • There will be no extra bedding service.
      • Rates may vary by season and period. Please select a date through the calendar and check the exact price.

      Child Policy

      • You can accompany the same number of children (under 12) as the room occupancy. (ex. If reserved for 2 adults, 2 children can stay)
      • Extra bedding and breakfast are not included.
      • Please contact us in advance in case of accompanying infant under age of 2.

      Early Bird Discount

      Early Bird Discount Rate
      90 days 20% off

      Consecutive Nights Discount

      Criteria Discount Rate
      2 consecutive nights 10% off
      4 consecutive nights 25% off
      • Early bird discount will be processed as a partial refund.
      • Consecutive nights discount is applied automatically during payment.
      • Discount may not be applicable depending on seasonality.
      • Not applicable in conjunction with other discounts.

      1. STAYFOLIO Brand Resort Discount
      If two or more reservations are made for Aman or Hoshinoya through STAYFOLIO within the same month, STAYFOLIO is pleased to offer a 5% discount on the subsequent reservations.

      Please take note of the following conditions:

      • The discount is exclusively applicable to Aman and Hoshinoya locations.
      • The discount will not be applied to consecutive reservations made for the same resort where the check-in date is the same as the check-out date of the previous reservation.
      • If you reserve multiple rooms within the same check-in date for the same resort, the discount will not be applied.
      • Once the reservation is confirmed, cancellation and refund will not be possible.
      • The 5% discount will be applied as a partial refund after the reservation is confirmed.

      2. Exclusive Honeymoon/Anniversary Benefit for STAYFOLIO Guests

      • Receive a KRW 100,000 discount when you make a reservation for a 2-night stay.
      • The discount can be combined with other consecutive night stay and early bird discounts.
      • The discount will be supported through partial refund after the reservation is confirmed.
      • For more details, please check the add-on option details at the payment stage.
      Cancellation policy

      Refund policy may change depending on the availability and schedule.
      We will inform you of the refund policy after booking and before confirmation.
      If you do not agree to the refund policy, your reservation will be canceled and a full refund will be issued.

      • Partial Refund Policy on Add-on Options and Cancellations
        When cancelling add-on options or changing reservations within the penalty period, a partial refund will be made after deducting a 4% credit card fee.
      • Resale, hand-over, transfer, or exchange of stay vouchers is prohibited.
      Things to note
      • The service contents and information provided by STAYFOLIO may vary depending on the resort circumstances.
      • About 20 local districts in Japan collect hotel accommodation tax for the purpose of promoting tourism. An accommodation tax of up to 1,000 JPY per person and night may be additionally charged upon check-in.
      • Rooms are assigned randomly. It is not possible to designate specific rooms.
      • Please notify the hotel in advance of your arrival time to ensure a timely check-in.
      • A valid government issued photo ID (passport) is required during check-in.
      • Pick-up service
        Airport or other hotel ~ Hoshinoya Bali
        Pick-up must be requested 2 days prior to arrival.
        If requested for pick-up, a Hoshinoya pick-up staff will be waiting near the customer service counter with a name plate.
      • Free Shuttle
        Hoshinoya Bali ~ Ubud city "Pura Dalem Puri"
        There is free shuttle everyday. Please reserve at the reception.
      • You can directly access the 3 pools of Hoshinoya Bali from your room.
        Open 24/7, enjoy a relaxing vacation.
      • Balinese massage is an ancient art that originated in the courts of Javanese kings.
        Hoshinoya Bali offers spa services to relieve muscle and mental tension using herbal medicines, rice flour and other natural ingredients.