KAI Alps
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Friendliness in a Rural Town

KAI AlpsHokuriku-Koshinetsu / Nagano

KAI Alps
Spending Time in Contemplation and Reflecting on the PastHoshino Resorts KAI Alps
Japan has the Alps, which consists of three mountain ranges. The Alps are also known as Japan's roof, and if you stand atop the peak and gaze around, you'll see a panorama comparable to that of the European Alps. At the foot of the Northern Alps, Kai Alps features a courtyard with flowing streams and a fire pit where guests can enjoy beverages, creating an atmosphere of pleasant rural life. There is artwork depicting the Alps' natural beauty everywhere, and even people unfamiliar with the region's history and culture may see and appreciate it with their eyes. Entering the Oomachi Hot Springs, which you will want to do several times during your stay, will alleviate your everyday fatigue thanks to Mother Nature's grace shown through the Alps' mountains.
The chamber is furnished with an art frame created by Yanagisawa, a Nagano Prefecture-based paper cutting artist, and a soothing light is provided by a traditional Matsuzakiwashi craft (Japanese traditional paper). Art frames differ per room, so discovering which design you prefer is one of the pleasures. Additionally, there are other room types, including rooms with lofts and rooms equipped with indoor hot springs. Each room features a tatami-style living area, allowing you to unwind in a Japanese-style environment. Additionally, when the curtain is opened, a lush mountain view of nature is revealed, allowing you to enjoy an open stay. In particular, the Japanese-style Suite FB4 in the annex allows you to spend unique time overlooking the courtyard and experiencing the four seasons in a room with firewood stoves.
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    An irori in the reception building offers a chance to experience what life was once like in rural Japan. In the winter, guests may don traditional snowshoes for walks in the courtyard.
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    At KAI Alps, we have incorporated this Japanese architectural tradition of doma, and a kamado oven has been placed there so visitors can cook like they once did in rural Japan. There you will find food like heated vegetables and rice porridge, and there's always a mouthwatering fragrance coming from the area.
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    Bath halls feature indoor and outdoor baths, the latter of which offer views of larch forests and mountains along with a relaxing warmth that is balanced with the crisp mountain air.
  • The address of Hoshino Resorts KAI Alps is 2884-26 Taira, Omachi, Nagano, Japan.
    It takes about 80 minutes by express bus from JR Nagano Station, and about 15 minutes by car when getting off at JR Shinano-Omachi Station.
    Hoshino Resorts
    KAI Alps
    2884-26 Taira, Omachi, Nagano 398-0001, Japan
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      Japanese-style Suite FB4 4/4
      Japanese-style Room with Loft FA4 4/4
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      • Enjoy Kaiseki dishes with all five senses.
      • Onsen
        A large bath overlooking the Alps. You can enjoy hot springs in the cool air while gazing at the scenery of the four seasons.
      • Irori
        You can experience a special country life at KAI Alps with an Irori (traditional Japanese fire pit). Sit around the fire pit and taste Oyakimochi (grilled rice cake), apples, hot sake, or etc. You can also enjoy traditional games.
      • Library
        You can enjoy delicious coffee along with books on local history, culture, nature and crafts.
      • Shop
        You can purchase a variety of souvenirs, including local traditional crafts and sweets.