Aman TokyoAman's First Urban Hotel Offers the Finest Accommodations
The Otemachi Tower 1-5-6 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku 100-0004 Tokyo Japan

US$ 1,140 ~ US$ 3,497

1 to 3 guests / 6 inventories
Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 12:00
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Projector or TV
  • Swimming pool
  • Tub (ex. Jacuzzi, Hinoki)
In the Heart of the City, There is a Resting Place
Known as a luxury resort hotel, Aman provides guests with a sophisticated space and pleasant service blending the cultures of each country, so you can fully experience the characteristics and atmosphere of the area once you arrive. So far, Aman has been primarily located in and around the city center and near beaches or ruins away from the airport. As the 27th resort in Tokyo's "Otemachi," the economic heart of Japan, Aman Tokyo is more meaningful as Aman's first urban hotel. In the 200m-high complex "Otemachi Tower," Aman Tokyo occupies the 33rd to 38th floors, the 33rd of which consists of a lobby. Upon entering the lobby, you will notice a modern interpretation of Japanese cultural elements such as Japanese-style gardens. It is an unforgettable experience to stay in dynamic areas where cities and nature blend together, such as Otemachi Forest, Mt. Fuji, and high-rise buildings that have stood for a long time.

The rooms and suites at Aman Tokyo are inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. A shank tree in the city, Aman Tokyo uses quality materials including wood, washi paper (traditional Japanese paper), and stone in all of its rooms. Through the large panorama window, you can view the green exterior and distant Mt. Fuji, depending on the direction and season. A total of 84 rooms are available, and the standard room is also 71 square meters in size, so you will be able to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Additionally, 80 m2 of Premier Rooms, 141 m2 of Suites, 121 m2 of Corner Suites, and 157 m2 of Aman Suites were prepared. Guest room reflects traditional Japanese design, giving the impression of being in a 'Ryokan,' despite being in a high-rise building. Moreover, the bathtub in the bathroom is deep and unique in accordance with traditional Japanese culture. The night view of Tokyo while taking a bath here creates a very special experience.

You can enjoy drinks and simple meals at the lounge organized in the Aman Tokyo lobby. In particular, on the first floor of the building, there is the world's first cafe created by Aman, and it can be used for lunch and tea time surrounded by 'Otemachi Forest.' In addition, there are Arva, which serves Italian food, and Musashi by Aman where you can taste traditional sushi. Meanwhile, Aman Tokyo offers a variety of activities to help visitors experience various Japanese cultures, including art, crafts, and art museums that encompass tradition and modern times. Arriving at the destination is not just a trip. Aman Tokyo is a hotel that guides the stayers from the beginning to the end, promising them an impressive journey.

Image © AMAN
Aman Tokyo